Your donation can help us as we prepare to open the doors and provide a home and family to girls in need.

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You can adopt a room by accessing the drop down menu on this page.   Pictures, and a list of items needed, will be featured, along with the estimated funding needed to complete the set up of the rooms.

No amount of giving is too small.  Please Donate!   We appreciate your gift

Total estimated funding need for ALL living rooms:  $2500

We have three living room areas.

One is the media room, where we will gather as a family to watch shows and movies.   This will also be a room that is used for training staff, foster parents, and volunteers.  Needs: TV console, DVD/blue ray player, lamps, side tables, wall decor, and large bean bags.

The second area is a large sitting room.  There is no television in here, just a large couch where children can visit with case workers, counselors, mentors, and approved family members. We will also be setting up an area for coffee and snack area so that visitors and children don’t have to leave the room if they need a drink or snack.  We have had a piano donated, and will be decorating the walls with musical instruments that can actually be taken off the walls and played.  This can also be a space in the house that is quiet enough for a reading area or a comfy place to snuggle up in a blanket and take a nap!   Needs:  Lamps, side tables, pillows for the couch, coffee maker, cups, small refrigerator for water and juice, organizational supplies for the coffee/snack table, wall decor, fireplace supplies, books for all ages.

The third area is a game room.   There is seating and a large TV to play video games, as well as an area to sit at and draw, color, read, or play board games.  Needs:  side tables, lamps, wall decor, book shelves, small table and chairs to play board games, bean bags, game consoles, tv console, dvd/blue ray player. and a chest to store blankets.

Please consider donating today.