The Magic Bond

There’s something about horses and girls.   A bond that’s unspoken.  A trust, a love, a magic bond.   Something even more magical happens when a horse is paired with a child from the foster care system.   Here’s a story you need to watch, and it’s a great example of why we’re so excited to see the ranch in Houston open soon!! 

Watch this –> WFAA news story

Amazing Thanksgiving Weekend

Eagle Scout helps kids in care
You are going to love this story from Thanksgiving weekend!

Over the weekend, I was honored to attend a ceremony honoring one of my favorite kids, Davis Spangler, from Allen, Texas. I love stories of kids looking after and having a heart for other kids less fortunate.

Over two and a half years ago, I was contacted by this young man. He had been researching projects for his Eagle Scout honor. The project that caught his eye was a story in the media about foster children moving from place to place carrying all they had in trash bags. I agreed to meet Davis and his Dad. Along for the ride, were my two oldest grandchildren that were about the same age as Davis.

I remember instantly liking how passionately he felt the need to do something to help these kids! He asked if I would sponsor him on behalf of Azleway. His goal was to collect as much luggage, duffel bags, and backpacks as he could for his project and give them to the kids at Azleway. I do not think either of us knew what a daunting task that would become. Over the two year period, he would sometimes get frustrated because he had not found as much luggage as he wanted. I am sure there were times when he would have liked to quit. Thankfully, he did not quit! I received an email from Davis requesting a date for the delivery of the luggage.

I still remember when he and his Dad delivered it all to Azleway. I met them at Azleway’s Grand Prairie location. I could not believe the staggering amount of luggage packed into luggage that he had collected. That luggage did not last long in that warehouse. The minute the word was out……the luggage was moved to Tyler and handed out to the kids.

On October 21, 2016, I received an email from Davis asking if I remembered him. I replied I could never forget that sweet face. Along with the email, was an invitation for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor Ceremony to be held at his church in Allen, Texas. I replied I would be honored to attend. When I arrived, I could not believe he was a head taller than me, and was the more mature and accomplished version of the Davis I had met in our first meeting. I awarded him a pin on behalf of Danny Tiblet’s Foster Care Movement! If you look closely to the right of his Eagle Scout badge, you will see the pin. I don’t know of a better kid or a more deserving kid for this award!

The ceremony was filled with emotion. His family had travelled from all over the country to see Davis receive his award and be called to the “Eagle’s Nest” forever and all time. By the way, his Dad is an Eagle Scout as well. I learned during the ceremony that less than two percent of all scouts become Eagle Scouts. Letters from President George Bush, his Dad, and many other dignitaries from all over the country sent certificates and letters of blessings. Quite a way to spend a night during Thanksgiving!
Azleway thanks you, Davis! The kids thank you! And, I thank you so much for all you have done on behalf of this nonprofit. I am going to keep my eye on this kid! He has a great future in store for him!
Sharon Roubinek

Vice Chairperson,  Azleway

Founder/CEO-  Imagine Foundation For Kids

In Memory of Jim Pruett

Imagine Foundation for Kids is saddened to hear of the passing of Jim Pruett. 

 Mr. Pruett and Mark Stevens were the founders of Stevens and Pruett Ranch- a non-profit home in the Houston area dedicated to helping kids and animals who needed a home and family to love them. Many of you may remember them from their popular Stevens and Pruett radio show.  In lieu of flowers, the Pruett family has asked for donations to be made to the Stevens and Pruett Ranch to help cover cost of care for the animals that are presently out there, and help with the ranch’s home renovation, which will be open soon to house girls in need.  
Donations can be made at:

Stevens and Pruett Ranch website 

To one child, you are the world 

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to ALL moms. You don’t have to give birth to be a mom. #thegivingtree #ThankYou to everyone who reaches out and touches a child’s heart and soul. In this world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. #imaginefoundationforkids #imagineaworldsafeforkids 


Imagine being in your own home, with your own family, and feeling scared, angry, hurt, beat down, and hopeless every single day, every waking moment, even afraid of going to sleep because of what might happen. Imagine making a routine mistake like spilling milk, breaking a toy, or losing track of time and being slapped, beaten and screamed at while told you are worthless and unwanted. Imagine hiding from your own parents, family members, neighbors, and siblings for fear of what they will do to you. Imagine no safe place to call home…

Now…. Stop…Take a deep breath…

Imagine you were taken to a place where people smiled at you and were genuinely happy to be around you. Imagine a beautiful room that they say is yours. Imagine making a mistake and being told it is okay, that you are loved, and that they will help you. Imagine waking up laughing, playing, and enjoying life as a kid.

Imagine… a place of hope for children who were once hopeless.          imagine logo

This is- Imagine Foundation for Kids