As a former foster child, who grew up in the system, Kim has first hand knowledge of the difficulties a “forgotten child” faces.  As a survivor of abuse, addiction, and cancer, her adage remains:  “Get around it, over it, through it, but by God, get to the other side!”  Her life experiences are what motivate her, with passion and purpose, to be an advocate of hope for those who need it most.  Kim is an accomplished executive, acknowledged nationally for large scale integrations, human capital management, sales training, coaching, mentoring, and development.

“I want to share my strength and hope with those who need a ray of light in an often dark and cruel world.  I desire to be a positive advocate for children and encourage them to follow their dreams.  I possess an undying belief in those less fortunate are destined to rise above life’s obstacles and am honored to serve the future leaders of tomorrow“.  -Kim Isaman