Sharon Roubinek 

Sharon is the Founder/CEO of Imagine Foundation for Kids.

She has developed this 501c3 organization to focus on collaboration with other nonprofits, and to merge together resources and funding to benefit kids in need.  She has been, and continues to be, on the board of Azleway Boys Ranch, and has now aligned Imagine Foundation for Kids with the Stevens and Pruett Foundation, to create homes for children who need a family.






Jacob Tuygun

Athlete, entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, all of these describe Jacob Tuygun.  As founder and CEO of Dallas City FC, talented players from the community are given a chance to excel.  As Turkish American Sports Association founder and President, he expands that reach to the international level.

With the Jacob Tuygun Foundation, his focus is on impacting the community by assisting families, and offering players/students the principles of integrity, education, responsibility, honesty, sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect within a safe and positive environment.

Making his mark in the fashion world, his ventures involve a high fashion clothing brand, named Jacob Tuygun, which offers menswear, online and in stores.  Coming soon will be women’s clothing, accessories, athletic wear, and more.

“I want to make a difference in the lives of children, to see them given opportunities, and to help them realize that they can achieve their dreams.”   Jacob Tuygun




Dora Chu

After graduating from Ursuline Academy and SMU, Dora began working in the fashion industry in the 1980’s as a fashion model in Dallas, Miami, and Paris, and has experience in television and film.

Dora has loved bringing out her ultra quirky side as a fun Online TV Personality, and is excited about inspiring and encouraging others through more such opportunities.

Dora enjoys helping others as a fun Fashion Advisor.  Passionate in everything she does, Dora’s goal is to find the genuine beauty that every client possesses.

“I am thrilled to be a part of Imagine Foundation for Kids. The opportunity to help heal these precious souls and restore lives that are blessed is an enormous privilege and honor.”  Dora Chu


Rita Jackson

A recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Rita has also been honored to receive numerous awards and recognition for her work in business and with children, young adults, and families in need.

Rita takes great pleasure in seeing the work around her visualize to become reality.  Her interests are in the creative arts, marketing, branding, renewable energy, education, and working with nonprofit organizations.


“I believe in Sharon, and am very honored in being a part of her cause.  If we all worked together with unity, we would be able to help these kids see a happier and stable tomorrow, and a safe future.  Children are our future.”  Rita Jackson



Kevin Moon

Kevin is Senior Vice President of commercial lending with Green Bank in Dallas, Texas.

He and his wife have raised their family in Forney, Texas, where Kevin grew up, and they are currently residing.

He has a long family history in the city of Forney, with many generations serving the city, and Kevin is happy to continue that family tradition as a city council member.


“I would like to serve in this unique role to assist, strengthen, and empower children that need our help.  I look forward to working with the Imagine board and team to make a difference.”  Kevin Moon







Anika C. Simmons, BA, MA, LPC












Himal (Joe) Jung Chetry

Himal brings an extensive knowledge of business, engineering, and management to our foundation.  He is a resident of Dallas and owns and operates several businesses.

“Humanity is the ability to love, care, and have compassion for needy people.  It’s not limited to ourselves only.  I see that vision in Imagine Foundation for Kids, as a very highly motivated, dedicated, and sincerely driven non-profit organization focused on improving the well being of at risk kids.  Besides providing housing, care, counseling, education, and medial assistance, the foundation also allows me to contribute to society.  That’s why I want to be a board member, so that I can contribute and provide resources to this organization with compassion and kindess.”  Himal Chetry








Kim Isaman

As a former foster child, who grew up in the system, Kim has first hand knowledge of the difficulties a “forgotten child” faces.  As a survivor of abuse,addiction and cancer, her adage remains:  “get around it, over it, through it, but by God, get to the other side!”  Her life experiences are what motivate her with passion and purpose to be an advocate of hope for those who need it most.  Kim is an accomplished executive, acknowledged nationally for large scale integrations, human capital management, sales training, coaching, mentoring and development.

“I want to share my strength and hope with those who need a ray of light in an often dark and cruel world.  I desire to be a positive advocate for children and encourage them to follow their dreams.  I possess an undying belief in those less fortunate are destined to rise above life’s obstacles and am honored to serve the future leaders of tomorrow“.