Through The Storm

From our Houston area girls ranch:

As news was being reported about the hurricane that was soon to arrive, my husband was clearing out the front drainage ditch.   He looked down and saw a tiny, white ball of fur looking up at him, scared, crying, cold, and starving.   He brought the little kitten inside and we started nursing him back to health.    The very next day, Hurricane Harvey hit, and the drainage ditch was flooded, the same ditch our little “Paul Harvey” had been rescued from the day before.    We know he would never have survived, and now for the rest of the story…

We were so fortunate that during the hurricane we had enough food and water, and we never lost power, or phone and internet service.   We watched the water come so close to our house, and rise up the front steps of our chapel, and wondered if the horses, pig, and chickens were going to make it through it all.   One morning, around 3:30 AM, I walked through the house and was surprised to see the hard wind had blown open our front doors!!!  By God’s mercy we are all okay and the water never made it inside.

Below are some pictures during those days, and also of the days after it was all done.

The little kitten is now getting a fat tummy, the chickens are running around eating bugs, and the horses are sunbathing in the grass.   All is good in the world at our girls ranch, and we continue to count our blessings.

Soon, we will be opening our doors to girls who need a home and family.    We are so looking forward to that moment!   God has brought us through this storm and we are stronger for it.

Many people are asking us how they can help us, and we definitely need help to complete this mission, but we also know that there are still people out there waiting to leave shelters, or who have lost everything and don’t know what to do.

We ask that you join us in prayer- which is the first thing that should be done- and then move where the Spirit leads you.

God has been with this girls ranch from the beginning, and we cannot wait to see what happens next.   Thank you for your prayers and outpouring of support.

Imagine Foundation For Kids is all about collaborating and aligning with other foundations who focus on helping kids and families in need.   Our partners include Azleway and Stevens and Pruett Ranch.

TOGETHER we can make a difference!!




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